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Food models solve the problem of displaying or using food as a prop over long periods of time while retaining all of its fresh qualities. Our experience with a wide range of materials and techniques assures that your model will look fresh and appetizing over it's lifetime of use. LandMark food models have an uncanny resemblance to the real thing that goes beyond mere reproduction.

burger food model

Life-size Hamburger

Made from life-casts of the cooked and raw ingredients.

oversize ice cream cone food models

Oversize Ice Cream Cones

We made our own oversized ice cream machine to make these oversize ice cream cone models.

pizza food model


We traveled to California to make molds from our clients' cooked pizzas in order to capture their exact qualities.

salad food model


Life size ingredients for a larger than life salad.

taco food model oversize

Oversize Taco

turkey food model oversize

50 lb. Turkey

We sculpted our own original because of the near impossibility of finding the real thing.

Contact Info: Contact The LandMark Company by email, or call us at 413-320-3996 and ask to speak to Mark Stein about your model making project. Our production and design shop is located at 1 Cottage Street, Mail Box 14, Studio 5-12, Easthampton, MA 01027.

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